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Comparatives grammar animation -- Mosaic

Short Adjectives:  _____er than.
Long Adjectives:  more ___________than.
Good: Better than
Bad: Worse than
Far: Farther than

Superlatives grammar animation -- Mosaic


Short Adjectives:    The ______est.

Long Adjectives: The most ________.

Good:The best
Bad: The worst
Far: The furthest

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What was Shakespeare’s first name?
Where did Shakespeare live when he was young?
What was Shakespeare’s wife name?
Who was the Queen of England when Shakespeare was young?
Who was crowned King of England in 1606?
What was the name of the London theatre where many plays of Shakespeare were performed?
Can you complete the name of his famous play ‘Romeo and…’?
Can you name a play about a Scottish King, which begins with three witches?
Shakespeare birthday coincides with England’s patron day. Which saint?

When did Shakespeare die?

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Book's Day

This week we are celebrating  the book's day at school, you are finding out about Cervantes, the greatest Spanish writer, but do you know who is the greatest English writer?.. Have a look at the link and tell me about him.

The greatest English Writer (BBC-Primary History-Famous People)
An imagined portrait of William Shakespeare at 12, from painting by J. Sant.
An imagined portrait of William Shakespeare at 12, from painting by J. Sant.

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23rd April: BOOK'S  DAY 

Did you read about the legend of Saint George?

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It's Spring.   
Happy Easter!